Nov 20

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  1. Chcoagoland Says:

    Great sandal – This is a terrific shoe — by far the most comfortable sandal I’ve ever worn. It’s easy to put on if you loosen the toggle and pull on the little loop at the back. I took a long walk in them the first day I had them and had no trouble at all, except that my feet got a little warmer than I expected. The main trouble is that I have bad cracks on my heels, which no sandal helps. Cole Haan Yelena Boots. When I get the cracks under control, I will be wearing these all the time — oh, except for the time I wear my other Keen sandals, the St. Barts.

  2. Truckee Says:

    These are cute, but with a wide toe. They are also hard to put on at first, but I hear that they loosen up with time. I have yet to water test them which was my real reason for buying them. I think I really need to spend a summer of playing in them before writing a truly conclusive review, but I have high hopes!

  3. Janice Says:

    Comfiest Shoes I Own – I love these shoes/sandals and want to wear them everyday, and have been recommending them to others. It took me one day (one long walk) to wear them in. That first day the upper webbing rubbed on my pinky toe. But after breaking them in (or toughening up my toe) they feel great. I can’t say enough about the comfort. It feels like walking on springy clouds! I have worn them in the water and they work well. They do get wet of course, and take a few hours to get completely dry. I guess the thing that makes them “water shoes” is that they are still comfy when wet – they don’t get that cold, rubbing feeling. And the bottom is still nicely grippy when wet. I took a star off for looks because I think they look kind of crazy – that’s just my opinion though. They are great for hiking or anything like that, but I feel like a bit of a freak wearing them in the mall. Cole Haan Yelena Boots. I bought them in my usual size, and they fit okay. I think I could have probably gone with a 1/2 size larger though. I’m considering buying some other Keens, maybe some that don’t look so weird, for daily wear. I definitely wish I had this level of comfort in all my shoes!

  4. Iowa Says:

    Odd yet mod – I like the support of the shoe. I had foot surgery and need something that supports my arches. The look is odd but rather cool too. The only problems are that my little toe wants to peek out between the straps and gets rubbed the wrong way and they are difficult to put on. I like the ability to tighten the width with the elastic and toggle. I can’t want for summer to give them a real try. Order true size – Do not order 1/2 size bigger. I wear 7.5 and thought they fit well except my right big toe could feel the top of the toe cap, not the edge; so I decided to try the 8′s just to be sure. With the 8′s the ankle strap was in the wrong spot and I could tell that I would get blisters as they weren’t as snug. I flexed the sandal downward and have been fine with the 7.5′s. They are awesome for hiking in varied terrain and I had no twigs or rocks enter the sandals as I have with my Teva Wraptors.

  5. Columbus Says:

    Best walking shoes ever! These are the most comfortable walking shoes I have ever purchased. I had read reviews for Keens prior to purchasing them and thought some of the reviews were nutty but after wearing these shoes I have to agree that they are the best shoes I have ever worn.

  6. Louisiana Says:

    Honeymoon Shoes – I had ready many reviews about Keen’s before making the investment. One of the things I had heard was that they tend to run a little big so I ordered a half size smaller than I usually would in an athletic shoe, when they came in they were small. I reordered for the larger size and they fit. Wore these on my honeymoon at Disney World and by the end of the day I was ready to take them off. Had rubbed blisters on my little toes. I am overall pleased but beware they will not take the place of a good running shoe when it comes to long periods of walking and being on your feet. These are the best shoes I own. I canoe and these are perfect. I am also a girl scout camper and they are just wonderful! I have the regular Newport in stone and the newport H2 in lilac. The toe cover is great. I always stub my toes and this protects them! They should make more fun colors.

  7. Steve Says:

    Best sandal I have found – I spend a lot of time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and walk a lot there. I have tries a lot of sandals there and they all had problems. This seemed to be the one that would work. I need the toe guard there as the sidewalks are full of hazards. The hills are steep and cobblestoned and shoes have to have a good grip. I took these on my trip last week. The first day I walked in boots and started a lrge blister on the sole of one foot. The next day I wore fisherman’s sandals and started a large blister on the side of the other foot. I thought that I would not be able to walk much for the rest of the trip. I broke out my new Keens. I was concerned that I had not broken them in, but I was able to walk a lot the rest of the trip and the blisters went away,although I wore no socks… They were excellent on the cobblestones even when wet and great on the beach. My friends were amazed at how fast I could negotiate the hills and a couple of locals remarked that they were the ideal sandals for the conditions there. These cost more than I wanted to spend but I have bought another pair, even though the price went up $5. These are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. I was on my feet all day and at the end of it I did not even want to take them off. I will be ordering more Keen shoes in the future!

  8. Mari, Tucson, Arizona Says:

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said about these fantastic sandals? I bought them based upon all of the wonderful reviews, and found them to be just as (if not better) than described. I wore these right out of the box on wet/dry and very rocky trail hike… great traction, super comfy, and not a single rub or blister. Buy them… you will not be sorry.

  9. Arlington Says:

    Gotta love ‘em! They are funky and great all in the same shoe. The quality is exceptional. They ran true to size for me. I have those big toe bunions as well as plantar fasciitis and these are fine for both of those issues. (it’s heck getting old) I’m using them to ride bikes, as well as on the boat. I plan on taking them on my next scuba dive because I know they’ll perform! Thanks – you are truly one of the best online stores I’ve ever dealt with! FAST FREE SHIPPING! I love my shoes. They are great for walking, gardening and many other activites. Not so good for hiking because sticks and rocks get in the shoe. I wish there was a neutral color for availble like beige/tan.

  10. Connecticut Says:

    I loved this shoe so much that I bought a pair for my 3yr old and 6 yr old kids. They come in great colors that make them fun. The closed toe is great for my family because the kids can run around in the woods and not get sticks stuck in their sandals. They slip on and off easy, no ties. We even wear them with socks when is is colder. They are also nice and wide my kids have extremely wide feet with a high instep.

  11. Christin Says:

    Don’t hesitate! I researched this shoe thoroughly before ordering it from Zappos. Two days later I had them on my feet. I pulled them out of the box mainly to check that the fit was correct and “forgot” to take them off. I say this because we are doing a big remodel and things are unorganized and strewn everywhere. At the end of the day I realized I still had on my new Keens and had not even thought about them. My ten year old feels the same way about hers. Now having to wear them awhile to feel good in them, they are superior to anything I have ever had in this shoe type. Old Tevas, Reefs, Chacos, you name it, this is the most comfy. Good colors too, I have the Kiwi/Madder Brown and is pleasantly more vibrant looking than the pics show.

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