Oct 31

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  1. Cay Says:

    Love Them! They have a looser fit than you may be used to, but all my research says that’s how they’re supposed to fit. I wear an 8M and my 8M fit just fine. However, the problem is the company. One of my rivets broke, they say 3 weeks for a replacement, ridiculous! My research tells me that their sizing is inconsistent, so don’t freak if you have to buy a few and return them. It seems that some colors are different sizes, which is weird, like a blue pair might be different than a black pair. I bought black. They’re comfortable if I wear socks with them, but bare feet are a different story. I do wear them without socks but it took some getting used to, feels like you’re walking on Braille, but I wear socks at work and bare-foot at home. They are my summer house slipper and my work shoe. However, with socks/Peds, it feels like you’re walking on a cloud. I use the strap as a back strap and find it very secure. I think my rivet breaking was a fluke. Shoes rock, company is slow and inconsistent.

  2. Boulder, Colorado Says:

    Easy on my knees! I have a job that requires a lot of time on my feet. I know in my knees if I do not wear my Danskos! I love the NARROW size and they stay on my feet more than the regular width. Cordovan color came darker than the photo, but still pretty. Mine look purple!

  3. Virginia Says:

    Dansko professional narrow shoe – Got them for my daughter for Christmas. She has REALLY narrow feet and she just loves them….am going to order a pair in brown right now so she does not wear these out. Wish more styles came in narrows. Cole Haan Pinch Tassel Shoes. She has a difficult time buying shoes!

  4. Denver, Colorado Says:

    These are great for standing! This is my second pair and I love them for long days at work, standing on the soccer sidelines or even tourist walking and shopping when we travel. The sizes are a bit off–a 41 is really ladies 10 and 42 is really ladies 11.

  5. Kathy Says:

    Dansko Narrow — Finally!! I was thrilled when I learned Dansko finally made a narrow shoe. I have problems with plantar fasciitis and the Dansko has made a huge difference. It has helped much more than the inserts suggested by my doctor. I ordered a larger size as suggested. I have an extremely narrow foot and the shoes fit well. I hope Dansko will consider making some of their sandals in narrow!

  6. Christina Says:

    Great shoe for narrow/high arch – Love this shoe for narrow/high arch foot. Great fit. Took a day to get used to them; I wondered if I had made the right choice on the first day of wear, but by the second day they were great! I usually wear athletic type shoes because of foot pain, but these are comfy and more ‘professional’!

  7. Mens Loafers Says:

    Danskos have great clogs/shoes, but it’s hard to find them to fit a narrow foot. This one finally works for me. Arch support is excellent, but you need to be used to a “looser” fit. Size-wise though, a 42 is NOT for a size 12 foot. I wear a 10 shoe regularly and needed a 42 narrow in this shoe, otherwise my toes felt squished. And as a tall person, this is a great, comfortable shoe to wear with long jeans without wearing real heels. Cole Haan Loafers. Now if Dansko would only offer more styles in narrow, I’d be really happy!

  8. Petra Says:

    Great clogs – I bought these in brown as well as the black. I had trouble deciding on the size because I’m a half size and 37 was too small and 38 was too big. The narrow allowed me to get the 38 without the loose feeling or the reg. fit. One of the brown pair fit a lot more snug than the other so I just wore it around the house for 2 days with a thick sock on and stretched the one shoe out…didn’t take long and now they both fit great.

  9. Irvine Says:

    I like Dansko clogs very much, actually I live in them. The only style I had been able to wear is the Marcelle and I have a pair in black and one in brown. The only way they fit is if I wear a pair of thick socks with them and even so, I slip in them now and then because they are too wide. I am happy to find that Dansko Professionals come in narrow since the regular fit wasn’t possible for me to wear even with a thick sock. I can’t take these clogs off of my feet, they are soooo comfortable! Now, if only Dansko would make the Marcelle in narrow…! Thanks to Zappos for excellent service. Pinch Tassel Shoes by Cole Haan Mens Loafers. They upgraded my shipping to 2-day and I actually got my shoes the very next day! Now that’s great service and a nice thank-you for being a regular customer. I’ll keep buying from Zappos!

  10. Brooklyn Says:

    Finally, clogs for the narrow footed too – I’ve been eyeing the clogs for years, and was always depressed when trying on in the store, as my feet would swim from side to side. So, I was delighted when I saw the option for Narrow on Zappos. When I first got them they seemed a bit stiff, and I thought I might return them, but I wore them around another day or so and now they are my favorite shoes. I recommend wearing them with a med weight sock– it made all the difference. Now if only they made the cuter clog styles in narrow… oh, and they’re really easy to clean, just rub dirt with your finger and it disappears.

  11. Pocatello Says:

    Wow!! I have been a true blue Birkenstock wearer for decades. No kidding, decades. Decided to just give Crocs a chance and I am converted, I think. I am still having trouble adjusting my mind to turning my back (or my feet) on Birks, but man oh man, these Crocs are nice. The price and all the fun colors don’t hurt, either.

  12. Dawn, Edwin Says:

    My co worker wears the imitations said she liked them. I myself believe you get what you pay for. With your feet, only the best will do (if my feet hurt, my whole body hurts), so I invested in a pair of Caymans. I have bought nurses shoes, high priced tennis shoes, you name it I tried it. These are the only shoe I have found to fit comfortably; you actually forget you have them on. As for looks, they have two: chunky (as clog) and casual (with sling back). I would recommend these to anyone who is on their feet 8hrs or more a day. Thank you for putting feet first! Dawn

  13. Marylee Says:

    Love them – I got my first Crocs after hearing my nieces talking about them. I didn�t think I was going to like them at first. I wore them around the house that evening. Pinch Tassel Shoes Then, I wore them for my 2.5 mile walk. What comfort, plus, it didn�t matter if they got muddy or wet. I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe, and the 9 women�s fit well.

  14. Pleasent Hill Says:

    I am a true Dansko clog girl, but when I tried my first pair of Caymans, it was love at first step. My Crocs are the first shoes I step into in the morning and when I get home at night. They really protect my feet on the hard slate floors of my home and prevent stubbing toes. They are fun, funky and always attract positive attention. Cole Haan Pinch Tassel, I will try some of the other styles available, too.

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