Nov 20

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  1. Lisab Says:

    nice job – They feel great with and without socks. I love how they look. Haven’t tried them in the water yet, but that day will come. The toe guard totally keeps rocks out, rather than getting into your shoes. Also, zappos delivered in a DAY! No shipping charges, and they were cheaper than in any store or site I had found. Don’t hesitate to buy. I love my new Keen Newport H2s. I bought the basic Newports last summer and it was love at first sight. This new pair is equally wonderful: comfortable, stylish, versatile, and durable. Keens are my new favorite shoes. walking in my keens – I love my keens! I travel a lot and am always in search for the best walking shoes. My keens recently carried me 7 miles down a long hot street in aruba. These fine shoes made my trip so much more enjoyable. Thank you zappos for the great customer service and thank you Keen. Aimee Ross

  2. Fuinky Says:

    Super Duper Comfort! The look takes a bit getting used to, but they are very comfortable. I’ll definitely be doing a lot of hiking in these puppies. I wear a size 8.5 and that’s what size I got. Cole Haan Air Dempsey Venetian Shoes for Mens. They fit perfectly. Hubby got a pair too & fell in love with them. Plus, they’re vegan friendly, which is a big plus in my book!

  3. Soldier Says:

    I am a SHOE FREAK! I have well over 300 pair of high end dollar shoes. This is my first purchase of KEENS. What a super choice! I needed a good water shoe to go with my new boat. I also bought my husband a pair. We are both very pleased! I will purchase more KEENS. Great and Functional Cole Haan Air Dempsey Shoes, Mens Venetian Footwear – These shoes are just great! They are functional, “fun” to wear, “fun” looking, comfortable on land and in water. They give me great traction both on land and in sea and they allow me great flexibility without having to lug different shoes.

  4. Heidi Says:

    Funny looking but sooo comfy! I read countless Zappos reviews before deciding to try this shoe. I originally saw the Newport H2 in an LLBean catalog for $90, thought the idea behind the shoe was a good one (especially with a beach vacation coming up in a couple of weeks), was happy to find it at Zappos for $5 less and free shipping to boot, and liked the fun kiwi green color. As noted in many other Zappos reviews, my order was on my doorstep less than 24 hours after I placed it…amazing!! These shoes fit just perfectly…like a glove, and so very comfortable. I do have to say that I felt a little like Bozo the clown when I first looked down at my toes…the black, upturned rubber tip does look a bit odd. But I’m pretty sure I’ll forget about that when I’m running down the beach or tromping through El Yunque! I’m normally an 8-1/2 M, and thankfully, other reviewers’ advice to order a half size larger was right on the mark. I also ordered another pair of Keens (the Yogui) and found them to be much less comfy but thanks to other customers’ reviews, I’m not afraid to return them (for free–thank you, Zappos!!) and try something else. Zappos has already lived up to the hype; what a great experience so far!!

  5. Leska Says:

    It’s been almost a year since Keen shoes burst on my foot horizon via REI, and I’ve bought almost every color Newport H2 made. These water sandals are extraordinarily comfortable, sturdy, and multi-functional. Couldn’t find the new spring color LILAC at any store so bought 3 pair from Zappos – terrific fast delivery and easy. These LILAC Newport H2′s are the most neon colorful pink-lilac-hot fushcia color – no web site does this color justice. Gorgeous! Now if Keen would make a Kelly Green, Ochre, and Silver. Keen is majorly up and coming so I expect many wild and beautiful colors will roll out through the seasons. I wear these sandals all the time now – they’re snazzy enough for office biz-wear, clingy enough tread for moderate hiking, and perfect for patient care, giving showers, etc. Don’t even notice they’re on feet, no heaviness, and they’ve never lost their springiness. Don’t wear them for kayaking though because my heels need more cushioning and protection against the kayak plastic for the long hours I kayak. These LILACs are astrally exotic! Keens encasing happy feet always get lots of people comments and curiosity

  6. Jennifer, Buffalo Says:

    The perfect hiking sandal – This shoe is the answer for people who don’t like to wear sneakers or shoes for summer hikes, who also feel instable wearing Tevas or other sandals. I just wore these shoes for a hiking/trekking trip to Dominica in teh Caribbean and they were the only shoes I took. AMAZING! Super comfortable and very light and flexible. The ultimate hiking sandal!

  7. Meg Says:

    Beware sand in your sandals! I made the mistake of taking these shoes to the beach. Unfortunately, sand got in and rubbed the skin right off my feet. I could only wear thongs for the rest of my vacation. Also they do make my feet sweat. I am hoping to be able to rinse every last granule of sand out of the lining of these shoes and give them another chance. Between breaking in my Seattles and these, I won’t have time for any other hobbies. On the plus side, I was hailed by friends and strangers alike for having the cutest shoes in the world.

  8. Echo, Washington Says:

    I LOVE KEEN FOOTWEAR!! I have very wide feet, and have never had shoes that were comfy all day long. I had the best luck with Birkenstocks, but they are looser, pricey, and not good for long walks. I now wear nothing but Keens. I can’t believe how great they feel! My husband thinks the rubber toe is unattractive, but I love them. I also have the mary janes, bronx and providence. Looking forward to the thongs as well. Air Shoe Dempsey Venetian Footwear. My mom also loves them, and her feet are a more average width. You have to try them. Also love the anti-microbial/stink footbed. Wore the mary janes all last summer without socks-only washed them off once with little anti-bac soap. Try some, you love them!!

  9. Castimore Says:

    A coworker wore a Keen Bronx to work and now we’re all obsessed with keens. I just got the Newport H2 today (ordered Wed) and have been wearing them around the house. They are so comfortable!!! These are my fourth pair of keens and won’t be my last. Exactly what I was expecting and needing – The Keen sandal is exactly what I will be needing for an upcoming adventure to the Galapagos Islands. I am hoping to be able to hike in them as well as do “water landings” from our excursion boats. I am currently wearing them around the house to get used to them, but they are very comfortable from the “get-go”. They seem to be a wonderful design for my needs. I have found this shoe to be an excellent one for versatility and comfort. I throw them on whenever I go outside to take the dogs for a walk, wash the car, or work in the garden. They are easy to put on and take off. Washing them off is a snap. I use the garden hose and a nozzle. The protection at the toe makes them much more versatile for the terrain you can use them in. The only draw back I have encountered is that dirt and small rocks can get got up more easily in the shoe than flip-flops. A half size bigger for me lead to a more comfortable fit.

  10. California Says:

    Great for outdoor adventure! I needed a shoe to wear hiking around Catalina Island durning a Christmas holiday and for a trip to Baja California. I own two other Keen shoes; Seattle and Santa Cruz. Since I love them both, my choice was easy. The H2 is every bit as comfortable. I wore it on short hikes, kayaking, boat rides, and on tide pool rocks. The shoes provide excellent support and they dry quickly. My only problem was when I was on a rocky beach and my shoes got filled with small rocks. I had to take the shoes off to get the rocks out. These shoes will be a summer staple. Because of my previous experience with Keen shoes, I knew to order an 11. I usually wear a 10 or 10 1/2. best sandals ever – I have never had a pair of shoes this comfortable. I could actually sleep in them. I’m still wearing them in January with two pairs of socks. I wear a size 8 but ordered 8 1/2 (perfect fit). I also have a pair of Mary Janes and they are just as comfortable. I have had people stop me and ask what kind of shoes they are and where I got them. Zappos is a great place to shop. I can’t say enough good things about this shoe. It is so comfortable! I love to hike, bike and boat and these are the perfect shoes for all of these things. They are waterproof, dry quickly and have great support. Even all day at an amusement park my feet never hurt. The back of the shoe is raised a bit and rubbed my heel creating a rough spot. My friend has these too and it never happened to him though. This is my 4th pair of Keen shoes and the first that are true to size. Total comfort from day one as with all the others. They make great travel shoes as they are great on the beach, in the water and even for a little hiking. Bring it to their attention – I already had a pair of Keens which were bought locaslly and one of my girlfriends kept bugging me for my pair so I bought another one from you for her as a Christmas gift and boy is she excited. It really brings alot of attention as I am walking people would ask me about them. I enjoy them very much as it is comfortabe.

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