Nov 20

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  1. Debra Says:

    These are the second pair that I have and I wear them all the time. The rubber toe really helps me not to hurt my toes when I am hiking or mowing the lawn or working in the pond on the rocks. een’s Newport H2 are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn; plus all kinds of people are constantly approaching me to tell me how cool they are and to ask where I got them. Great all-around outdoor shoe – I first saw these shoes on someone else. I liked how they looked and that they were outdoor sandals with a closed toe. Althought, they were more money than I had planned on a sandal, I am so glad that I purchased them. They are super comfortable, sturdy, and a great camping/boating shoe.

  2. Lucy, Cape Cod Says:

    Active Senior Citizen Really Keen on Keen – Absolutely great shoe! I am a 71 year old senior athlete, marathoner runner, kayaker, biker. I take very good care of my feet. I wore this shoe all summer when I wasn’t wearing my running or kayaking shoes. This shoe is also a great conversation piece, like dogs or babies or knitting. People approach and ask about them because they look so comfortable and are a bit funk and fun looking. I really believe I have been responsible for many sales of this shoe because of my enthusiasm. I think I will wear them this winter with socks. Cole Haan Marcella Driver Shoes. I used to wear TEVAS in the summer but these Keens give more protection for my toes, more support for my feet while still keeping my feet cool. Even in hot weather my feet do not get sticky or smelly. Cole Haan Marcella Shoes. I could go on and on about my Keens. Perhaps I should write a sonnet. Happy feet make a difference. I had a great summer and my Keen sandals were part of it.

  3. San Francisco Says:

    Trendy Watershoes – I like these Cole Haan Driver Couldn’t be better! Coolest color (red), greatest comfort, most versatility, surest footing. What’s more, everyone stops me to ask where I got such terrific shoes!! I feel like a trend setter, and I’m almost 59 years old…. shoes so far. They are really cute and comfortable and everyone who sees them wants them. They have, unfortunately, not yet had a chance to go in the water. The only disagreeable things I can say about them are: 1) they make your feet sweat somewhat, and 2) on the beach, they fill up with sand and it is hard to get it out without taking them off. Hopefully I will take them river walking soon (intended use) and see how that goes.

  4. Louisville Says:

    So Ugly, They’re Cute! I originally purchased my Keen’s for a whitewater rafting trip. The trip is next weekend–but the Keen’s have been my footwear of choice for the last 3 weeks! I hike in them. I shop in them. I could sleep in them! I’ve never owned a pair of shoes so comfortable & versatile. The only negative I can find is that they resemble clown shoes (with a much larger/wider toe area)…but I’ll sacrifice vanity for function & comfort any day. Plus…their unique “look” makes them cute!! This won’t be my last pair! I saw someone wearing this shoe on the ferry to Block Island, and liked them so much I inquired about them. I found them online, ordered them, and love them!! They are the best – comfortable, washable, and great looking – I’ve gotten compliments every time I’ve worn them. I bought this shoe specifically for kayaking because of the toe protection on the rocks. Now I wear them everywhere,in the rain,to the grocery store,hikes,running, walks with the dog. I wear them almost daily and have bought two more pairs in different colors. They are that GREAT!

  5. Nova, Scotia Says:

    Great new sandal – The Newport H2′s are great. I’ve been looking for a quick drying sandal to replace my Teva’s for a while now. These are great, comfortable, functional, and very stylish. Great for the outdoors and city walking. Overal great sandal I would highly recommend them to anyone. Awsome all around shoe – I have only had this shoe for a couple of weeks and people comment how cool they look all the time! Even a shoe store owner said “cool shoes!” But most important, they are so supportive and comfortable and no blisters or uncomfortable spots. My favorite shoe. I’m a personal trainer and I love to work and work out in these shoes. Many of my clients have decided to purchase them after they saw them on me. I have almost every color and style of the Keen shoes and I want more. I love these shoes.

  6. Whitefish Says:

    All very good except one little thing… Very comfortable for walking Fits well (1/2 size larger than usual) Can tighten or loosen easily with the stretchy shoelace, and tuck the end under so it won’t catch. The one little thing? If a rock gets in through one of the holes, it is harder to get out than in most water sandals. No biggie.

  7. Baltimore Says:

    My serious summer shoe – There are plenty of nice sandles for quick trips here and there, but if I am concerned about performance and comfort, these are the shoes I grab. Its a plus that these shoes look so awesome! Walking hiking, on land or in water, these are the best water shoes I have found. frequent sprains of my left ankle and foot left me searching for a stable summer water shoe. These support my ankle and foot right where I need it. They worked great for long walks on the beach and wash out easily. Even when I am not getting wet, these are easy to pull on and off and are my favorite walking shoe. They stay right by the door. More KEENS please!!! I originally bought this shoe for it’s looks, but since I got them and have been wearing them, I have to say it is truely the most comfortable shoe I own. I have a pair of Birkenstocks which are known for their comfort, but I think these are even better and a lot more durable. I plan to explore the entire KEEN collection. Also a high five goes to ZAPPOS who shipped them FAST and the free shipping is a great bonus. I’ll never buy another pair of shoes in a retail store again.

  8. Brenda Says:

    I have owned 2 pair of Keens. I used to love them until this last pair. These Keens have got to be the worst smelling shoe on this planet earth! I do not normally have stinky feet. I have tried washing them over and over to no avail. They are horrible and really quite embarassing. Thought they had some high tech insoles (not why I bought them!) to prevent the stink foot? Maybe it works the opposite on people who don’t have stinky feet to begin with.

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