Oct 31

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  1. Kristy Says:

    Saved my ankles!! I could never wear the regular width Dansko’s. I found this in narrow and I was hopeful. They are just great. I usually wear an 11 in other European brands, but I needed a 12 in this style. It really has saved my ankles that are usually swollen by the end of a long day on concrete. I wouldn’t have chosen the oil finish but I had no choice, and I find I really like it.

  2. Colorado Says:

    I almost sent them back… I am glad I kept them! The Dansko Professional Narrow are my first pair of Dansko clogs. Initially I ordered the same size as I wear in Birkenstocks and the one pair of Dansko sandals I have. The clog was too small so I had to order one size larger. Even these are listed as narrow they are slightly too deep for my thin foot top to bottom. I almost sent them back because the sole is supportive but hard and I was not used to the clog type heel cup. I decided to try a soft insole in the shoe to make the fit better before I sent them back. I am glad I did the fit is better now and I have worn them to work a couple of times now and had no problems or break in time. For clunky looking shoes they even look kind of cute with a long boot cut flare jean.

  3. California Says:

    Tight Instep (top of your foot)- I have a high arch with a high instep as well. The top part of the shoe seemed a little tight when I first put it on. Oddly (and thankfully) however, the shoe seems to get more and more comfortable with wear. Cole Haan Janell Slippers. It’s still a little tight and I may look into having it stretched at the instep, but it is a very comfortable shoe!

  4. Thornton Says:

    I have a high instep which has caused me a little discomfort but the comfort level of this shoe improves with each wear. Individuals without a high instep will absolutely love these from the first step. They’re true to width. It’s so nice to have found a cool looking shoe in a narrow width.

  5. Katherine Says:

    I’m a college student, so I’m on my feet all day. Dansko Professional Narrow offers superior support and perfect comfort. I wish I had found these shoes 3 years ago (I’m graduating in a month). I have spent so much money trying out different styles of sneakers and boots and mocks, but these Dansko’s may be the last comfort shoes I ever have to buy. My search for the perfect 8am-6pm walking shoe is over. When they wear out, which I don’t think will happen for several years, I intend to buy another pair. 9M was a bit too short, and 10M was definitely too wide, so these 10N have been a lifesaver. I am so thankful Zappos had them. I don’t typically wear Narrow, but the vamp stretched nicely with wear (1/2 day). The cordovan red color is beautiful. It’s cooler than brown and sexier than black.

  6. Rhonda Says:

    A good shoe made better. I have worn Dansko Professionals for about 8 years now. I am an OB/GYN who is on her feet for many hours a day, either delivering babies or doing surgery. Cole Haan Janell Shoes They are wonderful in preventing foot pain and fatigue and last a long time. The only problem is that I have narrow feet. This is only my third pair but these fit me the best and my feet no longer slides side to side – much more stable. Womens Janell Slippers, Perfect for narrow feet.

  7. Kirsten Says:

    Finally!! I have always wanted a pair of these shoes, but could never wear them because my feet are so darn narrow…but with these narrow versions of the classics I can finally own a pair, yes!! They fit wonderfully and support my foot fully. I have a hard time finding shoes and these are spectacular.

  8. Colorado Says:

    I’ve had my purple Crocs for over a year and they are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever had. They have had paint, stucco, and mud allover them and clean up like new. I would like another pair for work (office) and wish you would make size 7-8 as the 6-7 are too small and the 8-9 are really too big.

  9. Compactgal Says:

    Comfy and quirky – I have three pairs of Caymans and each fits a little differently. They all feel great–wonderful support at the arch. The one question that everyone asks me is if my feet feel like they’re damp from perspiration and that’s never been a problem. I’ll wear these out this summer!

  10. Janell Slippers Says:

    They grow on you! When I first saw Crocs in our local grocery store, I thought they were the ugliest shoes I had ever seen! I thought they were a trend for kids…lets face it, kids will wear anything! Then I read the reviews. Well, the reviews were right! They get more comfortable the more you wear them. The initial feeling that they don’t have enough arch support goes away. They really don’t stink, although my feet do sweat, but not like you would expect for a synthetic shoe. And the look really grows on you after awhile! Want to make them more fun? Add jibbitz, or switch the color of the strap! Word of warning though…a week of these, and you won’t want to wear anything else! Try to find that in another pair of shoes for under $40!

  11. Micki Says:

    Crocs as great as you’ve heard! I had a pair of these sitting in my closet for year – they were a gift and oh so ugly. Then I wore them on a lake retreat and came back a convert. They are oh so comfortable, they are NOT ugly (once you get used to them), and the colors are fantastic, the price is right. I’d buy a hundred if I could. A doctor I know did! They are THE PERFECT SHOE! Perfect indoor/outdoor shoe, city/country shoe. I now own three pairs and will buy more! Made out of a fascinating material.

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