Nov 20

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  1. Native North America Says:

    eep for your Feet~ OffRoad SUV’s! I bought my red ones last spring and wore them on my fitness walking and everything else all summer fall and tried going on with the same pair THIS spring thinking just because they looked new meant they were NEW until I went to my local shop last night and tried on a pair in kiwi and felt rt away that a new pair was a million times more supportive then my one year old pair. If you don’t know about these yet, this is the “new” Teva The “new Birkentstock” this is the future of shoes rt here. This is the way -more-updated-version of the comfort off road shoe on the market. at first they seem odd but u get a lot of ” where did you get those??’ from other people, and start getting cultish about owning all the styles. These work best with people who have hard heel strikes, demand A LOT from there feet, walk on roads with rocks mud grass and water and rinse off to look sparkling new again. they look very cool in the end with really anything clothes and I would know as I wear long silk tops with linen capris and then overalls and faded tees with them all the time. They are coming out with new styles soon so you may wanna stay posted. I wrote the company last month after visiting their website and they were really nice and friendly. they said they are only two years old and doing everything they can to keep up with the shocking popularity which I am sure will be long lived. The sole of these shoes has a memory foam type stuff ( super condensed version of some type) that takes on the shape of your foot to provide an exact supportive sole. the toe box is wide and its unusual for women with wide feet to find so much comfort esp with a waterproof shoe like these. the kiwi changes with light a bit kinda turning celery then almost pale chartreuse and glowing pale green. Its a refreshing color! the violet is AURA glow violet really sweet. It would look great with all the new capris and sweet faded antique flower tops popular this summer. Cole Haan Brodie Mule. You could match it to ANYthing! I didn’t order mine from zappos as my local shoe store had them in stock for 79.00 so make sure your getting them cheaper at zappos. Cole Haan Brodie Clog. Ive ordered several shoes from Zappos in the last three months and hated sending back a few due to fitting issues but the printed out label is fantastic and all you have to do is drop off the box at the post office its also received and processed very fast back at returns although I found a mix up with trying to use Zappos print out enclosed in the return boxes to get new pairs it resulted in a headache of emailing to sort it out ( even tho the customer service person was helpful) it dragged on until I simply bought what I meant to get in exchange locally and found them 11.00 cheaper last night. Cole Haan Brodie Shoes. This shoe while says its designed to use for water and boating is VERY supportive for walking on sidewalks , malls, nursing, any standing, Theme parks. anything, and I have a bad back, no worries here. also check out Keens dressier style, They told me they would try using more colors and even printed leathers so watch this fall or next year for amazing things from Keen.

  2. Julie Says:

    I give these sandals an A! They are so comfortable, I could wear them every day. They have sturdy traction (even on snowy inclines), ….but during warmer months they make your feet sweat. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them. I’ve also seen the red Newport H2 on a friend, and they are stunning but don’t demand as much attention as brighter colors. The light blue is really cute if you like color. Another downer- if pebbles get stuck in these, they’re not easy to shake out. The toe guard is really good. They look goofy until you get used to them, and then you won’t ever want to take them off. My opinion is they are true to size.

  3. Lancaster Says:

    Awesome all around shoe – This is probably one of the best shoes I have ever owned, hands down. I have worn these shoes biking and hiking and just for kicking around. I am taking a biking tour through China in the next few weeks and plan to take these shoes for my main wearing. They are so comfortable; it feels like I am walking on a cloud. They are very versatile since you can use them for a variety of sports, and they are also waterproof. What more could you ask for? I am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend them to anyone, and I will definitely buy them again.

  4. california Says:

    Goofy, but comfortable – I have very narrow feet and thought this shoe wouldn’t work for me, but my feet don’t slide around at all – despite the fact the design is very wide around the instep. I wore these shoes for an “acid test” – 2 mile walk to the beach and back on a warm day, and they were great.

  5. Smithtown Says:

    I love these ugly shoes – I was hesitant to buy these shoes- they are a bit ugly online, but on my feet they are heaven. I have a five year old and an almost 2 year old and need shoes suitable for chasing kids. These work like a dream. They have the support of a sneaker with the airy-ness of a sandal- my new fave!

  6. Near Austin Says:

    The H2 is a great water shoe, but they look and feel good enough to wear all the time.. (They are especially charming in Lilac and grey.) The antimicrobial foot bed is an excellent idea ini this type of shoe and it really works. Believe what most other Keen reviewers say about ordering a half size larger than your regular size: Go ahead and order 1/2 a size larger if there is even the slightest possibility that your feet tend toward the larger range of your normal shoe size. Zappos had the best color and size selection and great service… And the reviews were very helpful. Great Cole Haan Brodie shoes! I needed a pair of shoes to wear for a vacation to DC and the upcoming boating season. They were comfortable from the first time I put them on the day I flew out on vacation and they were the only shoes I wore for the trip – we walked over 30 miles and not one blister. Highly recommended.

  7. Virginia Says:

    Fantastic Shoes! First off, thanks to for upgrading my shipping for free and having my sandals waiting for me at my parent’s place in Florida the day I arrived. I wore them my entire vacation. I needed zero “breaking in” time, and the other shoes I brought with me never got any use. These shoes are super comfortable and adjustable, and the lilac color is awesome! I did what a lot of people did and ordered a half size up, 6.5, and they were perfect. I have a pair of Keen Seattle shoes in my normal size 6, and I’m still trying to stretch out the top of them! The Newport H2 is really good at keeping my feet cool and odor-free even at the end of the day. I went back and ordered a pair for my dad’s birthday, and I ordered myself a pair of the leather Newport’s. Can’t wait to get those! I highly recommend the H2, and I do recommend going up a half size.

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