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  1. North Carolina Says:

    Fit differs from Dansko Flora – I own the Dansko Flora, which is also on the stapled clog footbed, and the Flora fits fine. The Margrete I received seemed to be narrower across the front of the shoe and shorter in the toe than the Flora. Since Dansko is handmade, maybe the Flora that I own is bigger than the norm, but I have had problems with both Margrete and one other Dansko that I thought would fit like the Flora. Too bad, I really like the looks of the Margrete, but it had to go back since I wear a 42 and they don’t come any larger.

  2. Ella Says:

    Need strange arches, plus too clunky – These shoes are clunky. But I wanted something a little dressier to go with skirts while walking 6 hours a day at Disney World. For that effect, they don’t look TOO bad. (But my mother hated them, and she sort of laughs at my slim heeled pointy toed shoe obsession. She knows what not to wear, at least!) I read on a website that the Dansko clogs were the best shoes for Disney. Cole Haan Air Nessa Short Boots Well, they were kind of comfy, but once I walked in them, the arches were very uncomfortable. My mom said that they were for her, too, and she has different arches (she likes Sketchers sneakers for her arches). I don’t know whose arches these shoes ARE for!

  3. Trina Says:

    Love the Margrete!!! The Margrete is my favorite style of Dansko Shoes. I own four other types and love them all, but these are more feminine & seem lighter. I once wore these for a four hour clogging dance session because my regular shoes got to hurting my feet and my feet felt great after! Danskos Rule!

  4. D.C Says:

    A lightweight summery sandal – I ordered he Dansko Margrete in Butterscotch and I love the way they look with the wooden soles. I own two other styles of Dansko’s and I was amazed at how light these ones are! I expected them to be somewaht chunkier and heavier but instead they are a lightweight summery shoe. I wore them on a long walk one day and they did rub the tops of my toes a bit, but I’m hoping this is something I can break in.

  5. WI Says:

    This is my most favorite style of dansko shoe. They are the most comfortable and durable shoe I own. I have them in several colors and wish that they made them in more colors like green, teal, blue. Got these for my sister who is on her feet most of the day. She just loves them and has paired them with all kinds of outfits – they go with almost anything. Cole Haan’s are the only shoes that keep her feet from hurting and we’ll be ordering more. I love Cole Haan shoes and own several pairs. I ordered these in brown and was a bit put off by the orange stitching on them. However, they are extremely comfortable and the look is quite versatile. Like my other Danskos, these are shoes that feel good even after long hours on my feet and I can even run in them in an emergency.

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