Nov 20

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  1. Aloicious Says:

    Mixed bag. These shoes are very comfortable, but I found they were made my feet too hot…they’re just not “sandal-y” enough for my needs. The footbed is very comfortable though…so much so that I plan on ordering a pair of their shoes. They’re not pretty shoes, but they’re funky, which is why I gave them four stars in the look department. Cole Haan Air Kyla Sandals. Incidentally, my husband has these shoes (the men’s version, obviously) and he adores them. I have some other Keen shoes and I love them. These sandals just weren’t for me.

  2. Braunfels Says:

    Keen’s Newport H2 – I bought this for my daughter. She normally wears 7.5-8 Wide and she can wear this in 8 M. It is a bit of a challenge to get on! However, once on she says it is very comfortable. We live near a water park and this shoe is perfect for that

  3. Oregon Says:

    Very nice, rugged shoe/sandal – I was looking for a water shoe to wear for a month fishing in Baja Mexico. After looking at everything from Teva sandals to wading shoes, I settled on the Keens. They had a nice thick sole (thicker than the Teva Gamma for instance) and looked as if they would drain well and dry quick. These shoes rock! There were instantly comfortable right out of the box. They are far more secure than sandals for hiking around on slippery rocks (your feet don’t slide out on slopes), and having your toes covered was not only helpful for avoiding stubbed toes, but provided sun protection so I didn’t have to keep putting sunscreen on my toes. The only drawbacks are 1) It’s hard to get sand or pebbles out once they get in (can’t shake em out like regular sandals) but it’s worth it for the extra protection. Cole Haan Air Kyla Shoes. 2) The pull tag on the heel WILL break! Every review I read said it did, and sure enough, they broke on the second day out. Not really a big deal but they could easily fix this problem by running a loop of webbing horizontally over the heel strap. 3) While the sole is not bad, Vibram has no equal. Air Kyla Womens Footwear. This would be a good upgrade. Overall, these shoes were very nice. A couple of easy upgrades and they would be unstoppable.

  4. Nashville Says:

    Love this shoe – I love this shoe so far. It’s super comfortable. It slips on easily and can be adjusted with the toggle lacing. I haven’t tried it in rivers or anything, but it’s great on a rainy day around town. I also like the funky look. I ordered my usual size 9, and they fit great. Best sandal I’ve ever owned! This is simply the most comfortable sandal I’ve evern owned. I needed a closed-toe shoe, but like the comfort of a sandal. This is simply it. My foot runs a little wide, this fit perfectly. I can stand for hours in these! I can’t wait to hike in them!

  5. Bucks County Says:

    A Summer Must Have – I bought these sandals in DC in anticipation of walking all over the place to site see for 3 days. These sandals required no “break-in” period…they were comfortable from the start and next caused any blisters, etc… They feel like sneakers on your feet, holding steady to your foot over rough terrain,yet are breathable. They are a great urban sneaker because the toe cup deflects any debris getting into your shoe. I liked my pair so much that I already bought a second pair at the end of the summer to use next year. Zappos is absolutely THE BEST – LOVE these sandals…love the clogs in this style too. Zappos made trying and buying these shoes a real pleasure…I’ll never buy shoes any other way. The Keens are even more comfortable than my Merrills(if you can believe that!)I’m afraid that Keens will become the big new trend and I’ll be real bummed out…please…don’t go the way of Uggs, Rainbows, etc….!!!

  6. Las Vegas Says:

    LOVE this all-around shoe! Just got back from a trip to Costa Rica where I wore these shoes everywhere. Amazing comfort – cushy sole, secure no-slip/chafe straps and lacing, toe protection, lots of ventilation and terrific styling and colors. I got questions and compliments from people in less comofortable and functional gear, from people in hikers,Tevas and aqua socks while I was in the water, on the beach, sailing, kyaking and hiking. I’ll be ordering more from Keen on Zappos

  7. San Diego Says:

    Awesome shoe – I love this shoe. I bought them for kayaking, but now that I have them I wear them almost everyday. I have worn them for long walks, and for long days of shopping and sightseeing. We are leaving for New Zealand in a few weeks, and plan to use this as my primary shoe, with just a pair of hiking boots for more serious trails. And people actually stop me on the street and say “cool shoes”. Most comfortable/versatile shoe ever + cute, too – I have received so many compliments on these shoes. Many people have never seen them before. After I tell them about thow comfortable they are, as well as being waterproof and durable, they are even more impressed. Newport Review – These shoes were extremely comfortable. I had read reviews that they ran about a half size too small. I ordered the exact size I wear and my roommate did too. They fit fine!!! Most comfortable and received several compliments on them. Will definitely buy more. Great comfy shoes, good walking sandals! I would highly recommend this shoe. Consider ordering a half size up, though. I’m usually an 8 but had to wear an 8.5 in this shoe. They’re great for taking long walks, even. It’s hard to find sandals that are comfy for walking in, but these do the trick. I’ve got several pairs of Keens now. Great Sailing Shoe! I bought these shoes with a sailing trip in mind. I was working on a schooner for two weeks and wore them everyday. They are so comfortable that I didn’t mind at all. They are also quick drying which is great for sailing and the closed toe was perfect for me being accident prone. I love these shoes so much! Don’t Hesitate! Possibly the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever bought. Once you figure out the trick of “how you put them on”…they are like and extention of your body. I am not one to wear shoes much and I often forget I am wearing these. You do have to ‘pull’ them onto your feet but the fit and support is amazing.

  8. Metro Washington Area Says:

    Comfort for Tired Feet – I bought a pair of Keens to take to Europe. My nieces loved them, so I gave them away. After I returned, I tramped around the metro Washington area looking for a replacement pair: “not in your size” (I have a large wide foot), “not in your color”, and so on. They didn’t even know if Keens were made in the larger sizes. Cole Haan Air Kyla Shoes. So, I turned to the Internet and found Keens and Zappos. What a treat: armchair shopping, size choices for me, and color choices too. I could see the entire line. My ancient feet now rest easy!

  9. Marchela Says:

    Great shoes, do agree with the most common comments – I LOVE my Keens. In preparation for a three week- long backpacking trip, I have worn them nearly every day since they arrived. The first few days I had a small blister on my left heel, (the bottom, not the back) but it has now calloused over and the shoes are very comfortable. I do find that they make your feet sweat (more because they are rubber and your sweat doesn’t have anywhere to soak into), but it’s nothing that keeps me from wearing them. Also, I do agree with some comments I’ve seen that it’s difficult to get stuff out of them if it gets into your shoe, such as twigs or grit. Overall though, it’s a great option to flip flops or sneakers if you like to wear either of those a great deal. I do get lots of comments on them based on appearance too. I’d recommend them!

  10. Live on East Coast Says:

    Love ‘em! When I first saw these shoes, I thought they were kinda goofy looking, but now, it’s more like they’re so ugly they’re cute. I’ve worn them hiking in the desert, and just beating around town. I love having them be so quick-drying, and I think that toe protection in a river shoe/sandal is an idea whose time has come. I am thrilled with these shoes. This shoe I purchased to be able to wear a sandal in winter. So far, has proved to be a most excellent purchase. I have used them in rivers and they are everything they claim to be and more. So much so I am thinking about buying some for my mother and sister as christmas gifts. Greatest sandal on Earth – I bouught these shoes as a gift for my sister because I have a pair and love them so much. They offer a perfect balance of sandal and shoe. The toe-protection is the best. Plus, the arch support can’t be beat. Feel great, wear great, but stink. I have several pairs of Keens. My co-workers have several pairs. They are not “cute.” Who cares, they are so very comfortable. But, they stink. Sun does not work. Powder is a temporary fix. Who wants to wear socks with sandals.

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