Nov 20

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  1. Pam Says:

    Keen Newport is a great shoe for all activities! I bought the Keen Newport for a trip to Costa Rica and wore them the whole time. They were great for hiking, white water rafting, zip lining, and even out to dinner. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a shoe for the active life! The most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I bought my first pair of Keen’s in Key West this past February. When I got home I decided I loved them do much I needed to buy another pair for myself and a pair for my daughter. These shoes have grown to my feet, I do not want to take them off.

  2. Angela Says:

    BEST SUMMER shoe EVER – I own a pair of these, although it took a brief break in period, they are the best I’ve owned. I hate “hot feet” and these keep your feet cool all the time. Cole Haan Air Bria Shoes Woven Ballet Flat. I used them at the pool, beach, and lake. I just ordered my 4 yr old a pair, because they’re perfect for her to wear to school or to play while keeping her feet cool and allowing her to wade in puddles like she loves. They are truly comfortable, and worth every penny!

  3. Tracy Says:

    Comfortable, functional and groovy – Like other reviewers, I was impressed by the look and color choice of the Keen Newport H2, and was also able to wear them straight out of the box, with no breaking-in period. They are just as, if not more comfortable than my running shoes, and I love wearing them. The comments about debris getting stuck in the shoe, I did find to be true – although I am so won over by the look and comfort of the shoe that I’m not put off. On my first few tries, the debris worked itself out quickly enough, and didn’t get in between the upper and my skin so there was no harm done. I bought these shoes for a beach trip I’m going on in a couple of months time, so I will re-review then. Cole Haan Air Bria Woven Shoes, Ballet Flat Footwear. I am sorely tempted to buy the other Keen styles, such as Providence, and wanted to get some for my partner because I love the design and as a runner need to look after my feet by wearing comfortable shoes. I got my normal size (7.5) and it fit perfectly.

  4. Kris, Angola Says:

    Newports H2 – I love thThese shoes! I haven’t worn anything else since they arrived. They did fit small – I ordered a half size larger and they fit perfectly. I teach middle school and the kids just loved them. Zappos got them here in one day – great job Zappos. I will definately buy more Keens from YOU! My numerous pairs of running shoes are feeling hurt and left out.

  5. Chicago Says:

    Most comfortable, funky shoes I’ve ever worn!! These are truly my most comfortable shoes!! The color selection is perfect for those with attitude and for those who prefer sedate feet! Cole Haan air bria woven ballet flat shoes. I have been wearing them to work just to give my feet a break from my boring and uncomfortable “dress shoes”.

  6. Medusa, New York Says:

    LOVE THEM! Were my absolute treasure when visiting the Greek Islands! Very comfortable and light! Lots of walking and hiking up weird angles of cobblestone but no discomfort nor slippage and very little sweat from the shoe. I will never forget when we had to dismount from our Donkey in Santorini and sprint through about 50 yards of slippery donkey “droppings” on cobblestone steps to catch our boat in time (and we did)! Needless to say, these sandals turned into some pretty good running shoes with great traction! I highly recommend them but I won’t say it too loud because I kind of like being only one of a few owning these unique sandals (I would like to keep “keen” to myself!)

  7. San Jose Says:

    Look out summer….here I come! I was getting my ducks in a row for an athletic summer of river sports by searching for water shoes early. Having just past the size 11 mark on the left foot, I took a chance on the Keen Newport H2O in an 11 and was pleasantly surprised to find that they ran a bit longer and wider that a regular size 11. This helped me tremendously with my problem. As soon as I put them on, they didn’t come off… all day/night. What a comfortable sandal!!! And the compliments on the style and color (purple) keep coming! Thanks for such a great buying experience with Zappos! I have told everyone about you guys!

  8. Ohio Says:

    Woohoo! Vegan AND Comfortable! I have never been able to wear anything but Birkenstocks – everything else is really uncomfortable for me. The problem arose when I went vegan. The footbeds of the all-rubber Birkenstocks irritate my feet for some reason, and that left me with very few style choices. So I began to shop around and found these Keen shoes! They are MORE comfortable than Birkenstocks!! And the purple color is fabulous – AND they’re vegan! Woohoo! :o D I just wish they made the H2 in kids’ sizes – my son wants some Keen shoes too, but there are no vegan options for kids. I’d like some vegan mules or boots, too. But so far, Keen rocks! :o D

  9. Christina Says:

    Awesome Shoe – I have these shoes, and WOW! what a shoe. My husband and I both have a pair, and we wade fish a lot. These shoes are so comfortable, protective, and don’t smell after being worn in the river all do like most shoes that retain the river smell. I love them, my husband loves, them, and all of our other rafting sandals have been tossed to the side.

  10. Anita, Richmond Says:

    Rock & Roll – Got this shoe to wear on vacation at the beach. Really excited about it! I love the feel and the way they look. The purple color is really cute and they make your feet look small (even if they are a size 10.5)!! I found that they fit true to size even though it is very easy to move up or down 1/2 size. This shoe looks like it will be a “wear everywhere” summer shoe (the beach, the pool, hiking). It also looks like it will never wear out.

  11. Rachael Says:

    Very cool – I do really like these shoes. I needed something to go hiking with. I didn’t want to wear sneakers that would be hot or uncomfortable if wet. This is like an airy, waterproof sneaker. Maybe it’s just me, but the fabric felt just a bit uncomfortable to my skin, and my feet were a little itchy. but I do bet it’s just me. I wish there were more colors to pick from also. I got the purple ones. I like them, but they do stick out. I’d recommend these shoes. They’re cool and unlike any I’ve seen others wear :) The comfiest sandal I ever worn – I have bunions and have been looking for cumfortable shoes to ware everyday. This sandal gives me the best arch support and likes an expention of my own foot. I tried many expensive blands for comfort, but so far Keen is the best.

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