Feb 15

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  1. Philadelphia Says:

    Awesome!!! I got a pair very similar like this last summer in Nordstrom’s and the bottom is exactly like this style. I absolutely love these shoes. I wore them everyday. I always had problems finding a comfortable summer sandal to wear for everyday use and I’m not the type to put out $$$ for a lousy sandal. I walked all around St. Michael’s Maryland with these and my husband was shocked. He thought the money was well spent. So now I’m for sure getting my next pair in brown. I think the buckle on these will be very cute. The only sort of downside to these is there is some height to this shoe, but I can overcome that. Trust me you won’t be disappointed in the comfort of this shoe. Try it!!

  2. California Says:

    Cole Haan Air Darby Thong – The service from Zappos was prompt and on time as usual. These thongs are not as comfortable as I thought they should be. The left side fits much better than the right side and I’ve tried everything to get them feeling right. But am enjoying them as best as I can. Don’t really think they are worth the price I paid for them. Darby Shoes,

  3. Carol, New Jersey Says:

    Great Looking Sandal – Love Cole Haan when I can get them wide enough. These felt true to size, but the top band by my little toe rubs. Not sure if it’s my toes or the shoe. Probably it’s my toes since I have had this problem before. This shoe looks great and is very comfortable to walk in.

  4. Susan Says:

    This is a very comfortable and versatile shoe! I love my new Keen’s. I had only worn their sandals in the past but this shoe is very comfortable and looks great with pants and casual skirts, too. Buy a half size larger than you normally would as they run a little short.

  5. Suzanne Says:

    So comfy, but so ugly – These shoes are not attractive. The toe is bulky and they are very flat. However, the minute you put them on and start walking around, you forget all about how they look. One of the most comfortable walking shoes I have ever worn – these even beat out my Dansko clogs. Just incredible. I wear them to and from work, when the only alternative would be sneakers (which look silly anyway) or with long jeans so that just the green toes stick out. Having a slight problem with them rubbing at just one spot on my left foot, but I think that’s probably my weird feet, and not the shoe!

  6. Portland Says:

    The Most Comfortable Shoes on the Planet! These are my second pair of Keens. I’m on my feet all day at work, and these shoes are so comfortable! Much more comfortable than my Womens Air Darby Sandals. And they’re cute!

  7. Keller Says:

    I bought a different color and loved the fit so much, I bought the black ones, too. I’m on my feet up to 8 hours a day, and walk miles on my job. These shoes are keeping my beat-up middle-aged feet happy, and they look good with a dress or jeans.

  8. Omaira Says:

    I wore them the same day I got them and they felt great not adjusting, just felt great. I walk, wear with any thing and they look fantastic. These shoes are soft, light weight and feel great in your feet. Zappos is the best and only place that you can buy good shoes. I will continue buying from Zappos.

  9. Friday, Harbor Says:

    I teach and am on my feet all day. I also have plantar fasciitis in one heel. This shoe greatly relieves this situation. I look forward to ordering more I broke my foot this summer and have had a horrible time finding shoes I could walk in all day UNTIL I purchased the Keen Sydney II! It is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn and I love the look!

  10. Pam Says:

    Worth the time to break in – This was a great shoe…after the first week of “breaking the in.” Very comfortable with a large toe box. I work in a school and almost all the teachers now have this shoe! Fun comfort – The Sydney II is very comfortable, yet not stodgy looking. I have received many compliments. The first day I wore them I got caught in the rain and the uppers held up great and did not even spot.

  11. Flagstaff Says:

    I have a pair of Keen sandals and decided to try these as the next step. The fit is perfect, the look is cute, and Zappos was great to deal with. I had wondered if the strap would require buckling each time, but much to my delight, there is enough elastic “give” built into this shoe to allow my foot to easily slip in without undoing the buckle.

  12. Idaho Says:

    This is all around a great shoe. The first pair I bought hurt my feet really bad at the heels. I returned them and bought a 1/2 size larger, and they fit perfectly. I love the look. I own the brown pair. They can go casual or dressy. They are comfortable even after eight hours on my feet. Although this isn’t a big problem, my only complaint is that the insole seems to turn my socks blue. I would recommend Keen’s Sydney II to anyone who is on their feet a lot, but doesn’t want a terribly ugly shoe as comfortable shoes can be!

  13. Patty, Houston Says:

    These shoes are as comfortable as the keen sports shoes! They are cute looking. You COULD even walk or jog in them. I wear them to work with pants. I have had lower back surgery and cannot wear high heel shoes ever again. I love these!!!

  14. Indy Says:

    I have them in several colors and they are just so comfortable. I sure wish they had the black in my size. I have one 9.5 and one 10 (they didn’t have 9.5 in my size in the color I wanted). I am pretty solidly a 9.5 in most shoes and the 9.5 Keen fit fine, though the 10 is great too. I have a medium width foot and these shoes fit great. I wear these shoes to work (business casual environment) and with jeans. They are really cute and the rubber is less ‘aggressive’ than on other Keens I have. Warning though–once you wear Keens it is really tough to settle for other shoes. :)

  15. Michelle, Salinas Says:

    Clunky, but cute – I bought these to replace my Doc Marten Maryjanes, which I completely wore out. I ordered an 8.5 first, which is what I normally wear (or an 8 wide), but should have listened to the other reviewers who said to order a half size up. The 9 is a perfect fit. They are so comfortable & light–it feels like I’m wearing nothing, but with much more support! They look great with jeans, but are a little too clunky to wear with slacks. So I can’t wear them to work, but I have literally worn them EVERYWHERE else since I received them!! Zappos was great with the exchange, very easy & I will definitely use again.

  16. Victoria Says:

    I returned mine. Purchased them at an outlet and returned them in NYC. They were snobs about it. The manager said”Oh just through them away” to the clerk that gave me a credit. These hurt my toes. They are not worth the money. Got two blisters. I can’t believe the postings regarding comfort. They are not comfortable.

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