Oct 31

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  1. Elizabethtow, Kentucky Says:

    3 attempts to finally find a pair of Dansko’s that fit my feet properly…had to resort to the Men’s Professional Narrow size 43 and the 42 in women’s was too small….my toes rubbed the end of the shoe…the men’s shoe fits good but could stand to be a bit narrower even though these are the narrow shoes. I hope Dansko will decide to make this shoe in a different color besides black…its hard when you have long skinny feet but overall the shoes feel great.

  2. Air Carsen Oxford Says:

    Smaller than narrow – Bought this shoe in search of a comfortable shoe for my problem feet (hallux rigidus) – another reviewer with this foot problem said these were great. They’re not for me – too narrow in the toe area; color is wonderful (cordovan) and the fit otherwise was great (wonderful arch support) but if you have any problems in your toe/instep area I would not recommend these.

  3. Sue Says:

    Fantastic fit for the narrow feet of the world! I have been waiting for months for Dansko’s promise of making these for narrow feet. They are just WONDERFUL! I immediately bought two pair, and I wear them almost everyday. This shoe is a classic comfort design…a little squirrely on finding the perfect fit, as they’re hand made each pair. But persevere! It’s worth it!

  4. Georgia Says:

    The plaid clogs I ordered from you are also great. Each time I wear them someone will ask where I purchased my shoes. Seems every one loves them and so do I. Thank you, Georgia Happy New Year.

  5. Gretchen Says:

    I can always count on Danskos and Zappos – Once you know the size you wear with Dansko you can order Dansko shoes online and be assured that the shoes will fit. If you order through Zappos you will be assured of getting the best service along with the best shoes! If you have any problems Zappos will practically come to your house to solve any problems!!

  6. Susan, New Jersey Says:

    Fabulous shoes for those on their feet all day! When I first got my new Dansko’s, they were too small, so I sent them back and got the next size up. When they arrived, they still felt a bit snug at my toe, but I decided to wear them for a few days and see what happened. How happy I am that I did! Within a day, they felt wonderful and it felt like I was walking on the most comfortable base possible. It almost feels like a pillowed platform. Cole Haan Carsen Oxford Shoes True, they are not gorgeous, but being on my feet all day, I was looking for comfort and, I believe, their style is not ugly, but different. I love them and will be purchasing them in other colors, too! Mens Air Carsen Oxford Shoes. My only advice is to order up a full size (I’m a 9 1/2 and my first size was a 10 or 40-way to short for comfort). I ended up falling in love with the fit on my 42′s.

  7. Virginia Says:

    I take them off to sleep, but that’s about it. When I was in college, I envied my friend’s Dansko clogs, but I could never wear them myself. I just fell out of the medium width version because my foot was too narrow. Thanks to Dansko’s wonderful decision to expand their sizes, I’m finally able to wear these, and they’re fantastic! I credit them with curing my plantar fasciitis. They provide extremely firm support in all the right places, at least for me. If for some reason your foot and Dansko’s footbed weren’t a good match, they might be excruciating. But they’re definitely worth a try!

  8. Madison Says:

    I’m so glad Dansko is now making one of their shoes in narrow. I love the look of their shoes and now can actually wear them. Their narrow is not very narrow, but I get away with them fitting by taking the next size down. I wish they would make some of their other shoes in narrow!

  9. Savannah Says:

    This is my second pair of Danskos. The first pair was the Pita style and it was comfortable; however, after reading several other reviews, when I purchased my black pair, I purchased the narrow and the fit was much better. I wish Dansko offered more styles in the narrow width! I will be purchasing another pair in the narrow professional style when / if Zappos gets the brown oiled narrow pro! Best shoes I have purchased this year!!!

  10. Cynthia Says:

    I bought my Crocs for gardening when conditions were wet. They felt sloppy but certainly were waterproof, so I liked them. That was in cool conditions in northern coastal California. Then we moved to Placitas, New Mexico, where it is really warm for many months of the year and I go barefoot. I can slip into my Crocs when it’s time to walk on gravel. BUT! I left them in the sun and they shrank! So if you have some, keep them in the shade. There is, however, nothing like them. Now I need new ones.

  11. Cole Haan Air Carsen Oxford Says:

    Fun! A fun alternative to flip-flops. No annoying thing between your toes. A little higher off the ground so they’re not so flat. Nothing rubs, so no blisters to worry about. Go crazy and order a color. Mine are lime green. It is summer after all.

  12. Elmont Says:

    So, am I cool now? These are great for paddling around the house and yard. They felt true to size because technically, they’re big on me and my not wide foot has lots of room around it. After ordering two smaller sizes I decided I needed more toe room because I didn’t think that area would stretch to give me more room. The strap which is not adjustable keeps them on my foot but I’m not running for a bus or anything. I do think they look clowny, even though I got a cool spruce green, perhaps I should have pumped that up and got them in lime or orange. I was surprised to find myself chatting them up with a young man half my age who wanted to know where I got them and did I like them; so I want to know�am I cool now? Zappos rules. I hate to buy shoes and this is a no hassle way to do it.

  13. Chicago Says:

    I bought these shoes for my mom for mother’s day. She is on her feet all day as a hair stylist and has lots of problems with her feet. She also has a wide foot so these were perfect in many ways. Cole Haan Air Carsen Oxford Shoe. Mens Clog. It was great ordering online because stores around me had lots of colors but not in each size. They shipped fast- even the free shipping was quick. She is a 6.5 and I order the whole size up- 7, they were perfect for her.

  14. Dargie Says:

    Quirky and fun, though less support than I need – Based on the other reviews of this shoe, I’d hoped to get the support I need for my tendonitis. Alas, it was not to be. They’re fine house shoes, but not for walking. People are really attracted to them, and I can’t go anywhere in them without being told how cute they are. If you want a fun shoe and don’t need a lot of foot support, this is for you.

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