Oct 31

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  1. Carol Says:

    Finally, a clog for narrow feet! I have a very hard time finding shoes to fit my narrow feet and this one does! Very comfortable, with or without socks. A good shoe to wear with jeans.

  2. Madeline Says:

    I have been happy with the narrow width of these Dansko’s. I got the black oil-finish first. After I was sure they worked for me, I ordered the reddish-brown or Cordovan finish too. The Cordovan Cabrio is very pretty. If it hadn’t been for Zappos.com, I wouldn’t even have a narrow pair of Danskos. No one locally carries the Dansko’s Narrow Professional, and my foot slips too much inside the regular width. I can wear the narrow with or without socks. I ordered all the sizes from Dansko to try them, but I had to send back all but the 40 Professional Narrow, and I measure a 9 1/2 when I am measured for close-fitting shoes. I can wear them comfortable all day!

  3. Philadelphie Says:

    Only shoes I wear in the hospital – Once you get used to the feel of a Dansko (the shoe back sliding off and on while you walk), these are by far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn — even compared to sneakers. Cole Haan Air Bria Mule Shoes. I am on my feet all day in the hospital, and my back doesn’t hurt at the end of the day.

  4. Linda Says:

    If at first you don’t succeed… I ordered this shoe in size 39 and found it to be too snug — I was worried it might not stretch to a comfortable fit. I went to a local retail store and tried size 40 which was way too sloppy. I’d heard more than once that these shoes could vary slightly in fit pair to pair. So, I ordered a second pair of size 39′s from Zappos. They arrived in a few days and were a perfect fit.

  5. Washington Says:

    Great shoe for vet techs – I put them on the first day and wore them all day (a 10 hour shift) and they didn’t rub anywhere. Air Bria Shoes. They are a great shoe. The only problem is that as the day progresses, the shoe stretches and then slips a bit. If the shoe were a bit narrower, it would fit even better.

  6. Alison Says:

    Needed these for work – I spend all day standing in the pharmacy and *really* needed some comfy shoes because, even with arch-support insoles, my feet were SO achy by the end of the day. Many of my classmates and coworkers wear this type of clog already so I figured it was about time I buy a pair too and see what’s the fuss about. They’re working out GREAT! I can stand in them all day without any tiredness or strain in my arch. I will definitely wear them for years to come.

  7. Cole Haan Bria Says:

    I know these are trendy to the point of saturation but they are so comfortable. They are great for around the house and weekend wear. My only complaint is that if they get wet then the inside stays quite damp and slippery! But a brief time in the sun cures all. I wear a 9 1/2 and I ordered a 9 based on the recommendation of others. They fit great.

  8. Marcia Says:

    Great hot weather shoes – I’m a 9 1/2; I bought size 9 and its fine. Takes some getting used to: the first couple of days, I felt that my feet were flopping around inside giant shoes. But then I got used to them and, really, I love them. Great on a rainy day. Great shopping in Costco with their cement floor. Great in the grass. Great on the pavement. Plus (I have bright red) all the positive comments on I get!

  9. Lila Says:

    Just had major foot surgery and was finally cleared to put on a sneaker- but none fit. Thought I’d try the Crocs and I must say that this is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn- and no doubt now my favorite of my very large shoe collection! Yes they look funny, but they have their own appeal which makes them stylish. Still can’t put all my weight on the post op foot, but these shoes absorb the pressure I feel in the surgical boot. My only complaint is the clammy feel end of day but, the good outweighs this minor discomfort. The sizing is fine- even though my second toe is longer than my big one and I thought it would poke out the hole- it doesn’t. Wear a 71/2- Got the 8 for my swollen foot guidelines and it worked out fine. May try a 9, which I fear will be way too loose even with the strap. Overall- I highly recommend this shoe- post surgery or not. Maybe had I worn these all along, I could have avoided some of my foot problems. Crocs for everyone! Don’t do the fake ones- they hurt! Bought my parents some, as I knew they�d love them just as much!

  10. Cherylyn Says:

    I ordered the Cayman Crocs about 2 weeks ago and have only worn my “other shoes” twice. When wearing my other shoes my feet hurt even after a few hours, when wearing the crocs ALL DAY I never have aching feet in the evening. I am about 6 months pregnant also, so since aching feet are no longer a problem, I can think about more important things! :) Cole Haan Air Bria Shoes, Mules for Womens. Finally I want to add that I usually wear a size 9 in all shoes, so I ordered a 9 in the crocs. They fit perfectly with the strap on top of the shoe, but when I put the strap behind my heel the shoe feels about a 1/2 size too small.

  11. New York Says:

    They were all I expected plus! I know several people that have them and they just raved about comfort and affordability. My Crocs are my favorite summer shoes (just can’t wear them for dress occasions – darn). I’m sure in the fall I will add a pair of socks and be just as happy. They are great on a sunny day, a rainy day…in the garden and at the store. They have support, can be washed, are flexible and cool. They are all I had hoped for.

  12. Battle Creek Says:

    I have been a nurse for 32 years. I work in an outpatient dept. and am on my feet all day. I was recently over in the hospital side and noticed all 3 of us nurses in the room had on the same shoes! These are great, I got another pair to wear with jeans and other casuals. I can garden in them and wash them off with soap and water and a soft brush, dry off and they’re just like new.

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